Thank you teacher

It’s been a week and I am feeling TIRED already
Where is my energy? What happened to my body?
My legs aching my back was pain and my heavy body was like swaying not walking
BUT my mind was never stop thinking …everything must be done ,the impromptu speech
the teaching in class the hanging conclusion the kiv application the everything that must be taken of…
Seriously my job here is a scarry one
and the days was running very slow it seemed…
i just sitback for a while ignoring people peeping on me trying to talk to me for no reasons.
Here it goes…
dear me is this the life that you really want…I dunno
is this the job that really meaningful to you…I dont know
do you want to spend your days here just to finish your work…I dunno…do I have choice?
now I wasnt sure of what I did…it.s a torture and gruesome ..
…….gimme a break………to be continued..
Aha Today thaipussam day…
Honestly me and my al zauji decided to rest in our quiet sanctuary (w/out kids noise…actually feeling extremely bored..)
But just to avoid traffic jam on the road …you know thaipussam…so we glued to our ipad and at times in between meals
Watch tv..the rest we talk to our own mind…no interesting conversation..speechless…wait… Yeah only a few words like….
Ade nak kemana?!…mmm no
Lunch nnti buat lamb jerr..!…mmmm ok
See ipad charger?….mmm lam bilik
Thats it….errgggh
Old couple diary of the day…
but the real reasons to this is that ‘my mind need a rest,I wish i stop thinking about what happppened in the offfice,meetings,decision
Datelines,upcoming event,etc i just cant avoid.somebody give me advice/good practice to cut off this nuisance…is it possible to stop the active cell go slow n relax.
Never mind ,the countdown at least motivate me to go on ….yes a few more months…a few more IN SHA ALLAH.
to my kids out there…here some message for you
…whatever you do…you’re being watched and recorded….so we wanted to watch good movies later in our life hereafter
Stand!!!! Thank youuuuu teeeeacherrrrrr….



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